Saturday the last day of the week is full of fun and enjoyment. After meeting the deadlines and controlling the work pressure of office now it is time to have some drinks with friends. Many people prefer to take drinks in the nightclubs or the pubs. It has been found that taking excess alcohol causes a hangover. To cure the hangover, getting the medicines that are labeled as the best medicines for a hangover is not the right solution. All you have to do is to call for the trained and experienced medical persons in your house to get rid of the hangover.

Within an hour experts will and started treating the problems you are facing after taking alcohol last night in a substantial amount. In the beginning, they will provide you saline water. It is a known fact that taking excess alcohol cause dehydration. Saline water will hydrate your body. After taking saline water, you will be provided rest so that you can feel comfortable.

Taking saline water will also help you in getting rid of the vomiting tendencies and the pain you suffer in the abdomen. After taking rest now, you will be provided lemon water. Lemon water will bring out the alcohol content from your body that makes you feel uneasy. This therapy is known as hydration therapy.

This therapy was in application many years ago. Only the addition of saline water at the beginning is new. This treatment will take just half an hour to make you feel ease.